STICK TO IT depicts in 4 episodes why those cheap pieces of plastic (or paper) are essential to today’s celebrated « street culture »!

« I can collect stickers from a handful of my favorite artists from around the world hit the street and get them up, and I feel I am part of this family, in a way its like a collaboration… »
14 Bolt – Los Angeles

Sticker artists have no better satisfaction than seeing one of their creations placed up by others in a place they are
visiting for the first time. As soon as they hit the public space, stickers take life, travels and generates emotions along the way.Featuring: Shepard Fairey, Marc Ecko, Eli Morgan Gessner, 14 Bolt, Eric Haze, Chris RWK, Royce Banon, Above, CJ Ramone, El Toro.

For me especially at the time and place I grew up, one of the most iconic sticker, believe it or not, was a fucking bumper sticker …and it says: « skateboarding is not a crime ».
Scott Bourne – Paris

Many artists born in the 70‘s and 80‘s will tell you that one of their first graphic shock and influence were skateboarding brand stickers. Often subversive, but always colourful and visually stunning, skateboarding and stickers is a love story with a great ending.Featuring: Seth Curtis, Eli Morgan Gessner,  Big Foot, Above, Scott Bourne, Eric Obre…

« The big brands use the street, so why not, if you are an artist, use the street to let people see your work »

What makes stickers so great is that they help you to customize your environment and make it yours. Wether it is a bedroom door, a freshman’s fridge, a laptop or a notebook, stickers help you in the appropriation of your surrounding…
In a way, stickers activate the creative fiber wich lays in many individuals.
Featuring: Shepard Fairey, El Toro, Dusty Rebel, DB Burkeman, Veng RWK, Above, Chris RWK, Royce Banon.

« The medium is the message. Just doing something that encourages other people to take action, that democratise things in general and makes the world better… »
Shepard Fairey – Los Angeles

From propaganda tools to bumper stickers, through skateboarding brands artwork and street art, there was always from the very beginning, a sense of subversion in the act of slapping stickers. This mix of visual elements and messages make stickers an essential item of the counter culture sphere!
Featuring: Chris RWK, Veng RWK, El Toro, Shepard Fairey, Kristy Henderson (PETA), Dave Kinsey, DB Burkeman, CJ Ramone, Shepard Fairey…