The story of stickers is about movement: the systematic gesture consisting of peeling off the back of a sticker and slapping it, the transmission hand to hand from an artist to
a gifted ambassador; the thousands of miles traveled through postal service. Stickers
are like presents that transmit a message of which the user of the sticker is a conduit…Stickering is for the creative individuals who see the urban landscape as a canvas just as
skateboarders see the city as a playground…



“Stickers were my first contact with graphic design. As a teenager, I collected stickers from American skateboarding and surfing brands. I used to ride my skateboard every day, but the landscape, the outskirts of Paris at one hour drive south of the city, did not look quite like California. Stickers helped me customize my surrounding and, slowly, transform it into something that looked like the backdrop of my role models.”

“Since then I got closer to art and the creative fields, but I still have my feet on a board as often as possible. I worked for major brands in the skate industry and printed hundreds of thousands of stickers. At a time when street art is celebrated as the most important art movement of the century, I would like to put some light on a medium which was left in the shadow of the streets. As it has no speculative value for the mercantile Art sphere, the sticker is truly a communication media for the masses, made by the masses…
STICK TO IT is about this universal visceral need for self expression satisfied through adhesive images!”

Alexis DEFORGES (director)